Hi guys! I wittingly included a shoutout page for all of you to talk about anything and discuss any topic with the rest of the visitors here. You may visit this every once in a while to check how other people respond to the  shoutout that you have posted. You can include questions here too. So who else wants to have their shouts resounding heard?



  1. You have just given great information in this site on outsourcing and the video is hilarious. I don’t know, however, on what SEO means.

  2. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s normal if you can’t have it understood as it is a relatively technical term. It is about ranking websites and driving traffic and visitors to them. Thanks for the first post. I look forward on hearing from you again here.

  3. tapos na Pre… I like how you made your articles, the way you promote Filipinos, and how you urged employers to show compassion.
    goodluck sa blog mo Judge…

  4. I have made it because, no less than their foreign counterparts, we also deserve fair treatment in terms of salary. I actually admire my previous employers for their kindness and enthusiasm but then again, they pay a little less. Thanks indeed pre for wishing me luck. I’m hurling the same wishes for you and your family too.

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