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Be like them and hate yourself

February 21, 2010

There are people who can be characterized as loner by choice and not by circumstance. Each day, options knock at your door. You may have with you the best idea that can bring your business to the plinth that it aspires to reach. You may also have the best product for your business. But why is it that you’ve been far left behind by those whom you competed shoulder to shoulder as you begin? Maybe the reason is that the option has already left you before you sway the door open.

In the internet business, you need a few good men to help you in the intensely gung ho business arena you are hooked on. If outsourcing comes to your mind right at this very moment, I must tell you upfront that you got me right. You may, at the outset, create in your mind some doubts and hesitations. You need to start clearing this seemingly vague area of your mind as it can only bring you nowhere as you go on with your business day after grinding day. You now must learn the first lesson and that is, act rather than hesitate.

I have learnt a couple of months ago that gives a revealing idea on how many internet enthusiasts went into a craze on hiring Filipino workers to replace their place and stead. They wanted to free themselves from the common worries that bugged them in the past. In the beginning, the men they hired almost knew nothing about how to get a task done. They have willingly taught them and without a doubt, their men and women in the Philippines have learnt even the core functions of their businesses. Now, they’re on towering heights and mind you, they are earning more than what has been thought upon at the start.

The destructive nagging idea lurking on the mind which says, “I, alone, know this” finds no room in the internet world. You are immersing yourself in a fiercely competitive market. By competition, you need to pick up your pace. Being alone, however, does not give you a good pay-off. You don’t need to be a specialist nor do you need to hire one in order to succeed. An idea which can bring you from here to a certain point may be all that you need and with the help of other minds, you’re on your way!

In due time, you can make the efforts of others multiply for you. There are others who have now traversed a well-enjoyed course. You are no less than them and you deserve to have that same course they have taken. Before my talk would bring further, however, I must remind you that in, they get prospects from the Philippines. Yes, you have read that right, Philippines. The skills and talents of ordinary Filipinos indeed transcend boundaries. They are archetype of industry and hard work. While working within the confines of their own homes, they can definitely be relied upon and many can actually vouch for that.

Today, the internet is flooded with reviews and testimonies on the facts I previously laid down. They can tell you stories on how their Filipino counterparts have saved them from worrying much as they lie in wait for the next coming day. Surprisingly enough, some of them don’t even know the nitty-gritty of outsourcing. Probably you are just like them or, in order not to upset you, probably a little better than they are.  Again, with the few good men with you, you can seize the opportunity as soon as they get apparent.

I have given you an option and I have in fact knocked at your door. Yes, you may just be new to this and I understand your plight. At some point in our lives we may need to negotiate in an unfamiliar turf and begin the task of discovering our potential to succeed in other people. Once we begin to thrive on their efforts, our confidence starts to grow from there. Others have chosen to be loners, we cannot blame them. I cannot blame you either. But think again, whether you choose to be like them or not, you are still going to make a choice anyway. To end, I am going raise a red flag here, if you choose to be a loner, you’re going to hate yourself – that’s for certain!

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