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The Passion And The Obligation

September 12, 2010

I have not visited this blog for quite a long time already. For the past few months, I have been immersing myself to the bulks of work that I am obliged to do. While writing, really, is my passion, I still have to make sure that I have something to share and can take pride of day after day. What, then, would be the use of all these stuffs that I have written to satisfy my passion if I am not earning something from it? That may seem an ironic argument but that is the truth, the convicted-to-the-core truth of looking for something that would ever complete our day and the days ahead.

To tell you, I always feel alone whenever I don’t get the chance to write. It enables loneliness and the most radical part inside me to come to the surface and gain some ground. Most of the times, I try to get a piece of paper or hit the keys of my laptop whenever anger lurches notably closer inside. For all those times though, I feel like writing is almost always my way to get out. Perhaps, what has been created inside me is this propaganda that I can only feel at ease with my self if I can express my thoughts. And so far, I am getting savvy about perceiving it right because it never looked like a failed strategy at all.

I have also noticed that whenever I seem unable to effect anything close to a desired outcome, writing always comes to the rescue. It exposes all the deterrent factors I had inside out to the open. After exposing the same, there’s this casual sign which says, “Hey you’re back after drifting a little somewhere!”. But it truly exposes far more, it made me realize that there is something in writing that enables me pull myself out from any hole I am stuck in. With this, I have always made myself stand on guard before things could dreadfully get off the mark.

Life, nevertheless, brings us into a place where even words can never describe what it is made of. This is a juncture in our lives that even our skills and talents cannot fully quantify. It makes us fall into a deep stupor from the reality. As I describe it, this place is where God wants to convey something to us. This place is where He wanted us to look at ourselves and find something good within that we can share. And we come conscious. What is shocking and saddening after this is we just don’t do something about it. His call only received a sparse response.

As you noticed at the outset of this article, I have told you that I was out to do something I am obligated to. That was the time when I heard His call. It was awakening and instead of diluting my attention at my passion, what I did was otherwise. Instead of fanning the flames of my devotion to write, I went out to carry a commitment to serve and I have, in fact, started serving. I now feel the most rewarding kind of feeling and although I have still long way to go, I am happy to have started this and I am excited to see the most exhilarating ending anyone could ever imagine.